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Senior Leaders

Headteacher: Mrs. A. Wooldridge

Assistant Headteacher & KS2 Leader: Mrs. N. Bailey

KS1 Leader - Mrs. A. Lumby


Class Teachers

Year 6 Teacher: Mrs. P. Barras

Year 5 Teacher: Mrs. K. Coster-France

Year 4 Teachers: Mrs N. Bailey and Mrs. V. Patterson

Year 3 Teacher: Miss M. Kondal

Year 2 Teachers: Mrs. J. Taylor and Mrs. V. Patterson

Year 1 Teachers: Mr. J. Gray

Reception Teachers: Miss V. Harter and Mrs C. Allison

Nursery Teacher: Mrs. A. Lumby


Learning Support Staff

Miss K. Wilkinson

Mrs. C. Starkie

Miss S. Moore

Mrs. D. Norman

Mrs. S. Waby

Miss E. Storey

Mrs. K. Booth

Mrs. C. Reardon

Mrs. A. Bottomley

Mrs. N Young

Mrs. J. Croughan

Mrs. D. Owen


Other Staff

SENCo: Mrs. A. Wooldridge

Associate SENCO: Mrs. R. Gelder

Family Learning Mentor: Mrs. T. Reams

Secretary: Mrs. H. Stirzaker

Business Manager: Mrs. J. Evans


Site Staff

Site Supervisor: Mr. T. Joyner

Cleaner: Mrs. S. Park


Breakfast and After School Club Team

Manager: Miss K. Wilkinson

Deputy Manager: Mrs. C. Kearns

Mrs. M. Taylor


No employee at Lytham Church of England Primary School earns £100,000pa or more.

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