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PE & Sports Premium

PE & Sports Premium 

The Government are currently providing funding of £150 million per year for schools in England. This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport and is aimed at improving sport participation and the general health and well-being of children in school. 

The Purpose
Schools must use this money to enhance P.E. in their setting and in doing so should focus on four key areas. 

  1. Increase the profile of PE and sport across the school as a tool for whole school improvement, including healthy lifestyles of our students. 
  2. Increase the confidence of all staff in teaching PE and sport. 
  3. Broaden the range of sports and activities offered to children. 
  4. Increased participation in competitive sport. 

Sports Premium

Going forward into 2023-2024

The government’s main focus this year is for all schools to concentrate on staff CPD to ensure sustainability within schools. All staff, based on their personal skills and the needs of their class, will attend courses to develop their understanding and confidence in different areas of PE.

Swimming is another key area of focus for the government and at Lytham C of E we wholeheartedly support this. Swimming is a life skill. We believe that all children must leave year 6 as confident and competent swimmers. We are located by the seaside so swimming is of high importance. We will look to offer swimming opportunities to younger year groups as we recognise the importance of preparing our children for school swimming and giving them the best start in order to ensure that they full-fill their potential.

It is hoped that this year we will link with another local primary school to offer our children in years R – Y6 an element of competitive sport. We will also look to set up more intra-school competitions this year based on the success of last year’s football week.

Extra-curricular opportunities for all will continue to be a priority. We will continue to offer similar sports to last year, particularly golf and rugby. We will also look for other opportunities such as archery and fencing to offer the children different experiences and to encourage those who may not have taken part in a club before to participate.

Throughout the year, the Sports Premium Funding will be used to facilitate physical development and physical activity as it continues to be high on our agenda.