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School Uniform

We believe that wearing uniform encourages children to have a sense of belonging and of being part of the school community. It is an outward expression of the school’s identity and promotes a feeling of pride and equality. In addition, we believe that wearing a ‘uniform’, contributes to helping children understand that they come to school to work and learn.

  • To ensure that children wear clothing which is safe and practical;
  • To promote pride in their school and a sense of identity;
  • To promote the idea of Lytham Church of England School as a Learning Community;
  • To promote the image of the school within the local area and the town;
  • To eliminate competition amongst children in relation to what they wear (preventing bullying);
  • To ensure that the uniform is simple and reasonably priced.
Uniform Requirements
  • Dark green Jumper or Cardigan;
  • White Shirt with school tie;
  • Grey Trousers/Skirt or pinafore dresses;
  • In the summer term and first half of the autumn term, plain grey shorts and a white polo t-shirt or a green gingham dress may be worn
  • Grey socks, white socks or grey tights
  • Flat black shoes with either Velcro or a buckle. Please avoid laces unless your child can tie these themselves.
  • Dark green blazer (Y5 and Y6 children only)
PE Kit

All children should attend school in PE uniform on PE days. Your child will have the following options on the 2 days that they do PE to either:

  • Wear the full tracksuit with school PE t-shirt. In the summer term and first half of the autumn term, plain green school PE shorts may be worn.
  • Wear the tracksuit top with school PE t-shirt and their own plain black jogging bottoms (no logos)

Trainers must be plain black or white with minimally sized logo (no neon colours)

Health and Safety

There are several health and safety issues which inform our school policy as follows:

  • No jewellery except a wristwatch and stud earrings are permitted;
  • For pierced ears, only stud earrings and these should be removed for P.E./Swimming. (If children are unable to take studs out themselves these should be left at home on such days or covered with tape/plaster. School staff are not permitted to remove any earrings or apply plasters or tape to cover earrings);
  • Hair accessories should be dark green or black with long hair tied back. Extreme haircuts are not permitted. Eg shaved in lines or Mohican styles

School jumpers and cardigans with logos, polo shirts, tracksuits, blazers and ties are available to buy from Tavernors (Lytham) or Top Marques (St Annes).


We organise sales of donated pre loved uniform approximately once a term. These sales allow parents to purchase “good as new” items at a fraction of their cost.

If you need any help with purchasing items of School Uniform please contact our Family Learning Mentor Mrs Tracy Reams.